​​​​​​Hi y'all and welcome to the Cowboy page,

As a kid growing up in Oklahoma, I was introduced to what I thought to be the core values of being an American. Jesus, of course, being center stage.

​The backdrop of life was a small cattle town with plenty of ranchers and farmers. I had many relatives who were very instrumental in my life to help keep me on the straight and narrow even though I did not have the full understanding of their methods.  I knew they meant well.

While much can be said, today our core values as a nation in God is challenged and eroding. The church of man that operates through compromise and ill will propaganda has done much to bring reproach on the name of Christ and delute the true Church of God. As one who grew up in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is the call of God to preach the uncomprimised Word of God with great passion and example. Turning the hearts of the children back to the Father and preparing the way for Jesus Christ to manifest Himself to each and every person that enters the sphere of life. We make no apologies to the great commision in which we have been called. However, it is our heart's true intent to be transparent and loving in our revelation of God.  We ourselves are not exempt from learning and growing in His gace and knowledge which is eternal.

Simply put, we wish to welcome you into the fold in the most simplest setting we can, as moved by the Father Who loves us all.

As we understand the simple core value of loving one another as He loved us, we can become a nation unto God as He called us to be. To reflect the world's view and it's opinions is a direct descension of character and truth, which in Jesus alone is the way, the truth and the life. It is through Jesus we have our being and eternal life keeping His commandments. His commandments are not a hindrance, but a preparation to meet God.

May we unite as one, and take a genuine interest in the well being of one another, glorifying the Father in all we say and do, in Jesus name.

May His love be your conscience, and your actions like Jesus.

In His Love, Always

​Pastor Daniel Dedmon


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